Events have changed forever

Technology continues to enhance many aspects of our lives and events are no different. Here are two important questions to ask your event supplier prior to use of a meeting App for any event.

The current upsurge in Meeting Apps begs a few questions. We at Veritas Events are concerned that using a meetings app does expose you to loss or data – here are a couple of ‘hard’ questions to ask your provider:

Q1: You have suggested I use a meeting App for my event – who owns the App?

If your event provider does not own the App then we suggest considering your next move. Where does your demographic data and event data then sit? If you are organising a large event like an end user group where there is a lot of training involved generating a lot of data, be sure to understand your data has to be housed somewhere – but where? In Australia? Overseas? If you use the Veritas Events meeting app it is owned and created by Veritas Events and your data is housed by an Australian data centre. So ask your provider who owns the meeting app where the meeting data is to be stored? We are not saying that a third party provider is going to let you down in any way, just ask the questions.

Q2: Do you adhere to all state and Australian commonwealth privacy laws around the integrity and protection of my data?

Again – you are in a minefield here. If unlike Veritas Events your event company has not made the investment to create their own meeting app then how can they respond this question? They will need to know that their third party supplier can guarantee this.

Remember data is precious - very difficult to produce and very easy to reproduce – that is the really scary part. Once your data is ‘out there’ who knows who is viewing it? For more information about the Veritas Events Meeting App and how it can add enormous value to your event please email Eugene Kennedy

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The Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney

The Four Seasons Hotel, located in the city, offers Sydney’s most luxurious accommodation and is the perfect venue for your next corporate event.

This hotel offers stylish accommodation, various flexible function rooms, elegant ballrooms and an executive club. There is more than 1,635 square metres of function space for your company to use for their conferences, meetings, corporate productions and special events. The Four Seasons Hotel also provides the most exquisite views of Sydney Harbour and restaurant-quality banquets.

If you are planning a corporate event, conference or incentive, please contact Kieran Kennedy on 0402 245 010 or

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The Cut Bar & Grill, Sydney

Looking for a venue that can offer both a delicious meal and a stylish conference room for your next special event? The Cut Bar & Grill, located at The Rocks is the perfect venue for your Sydney events.

The Cut Bar & Grill is a luxurious venue that can conveniently offer you both a gourmet meal and a private room for your corporate event. The function room can accommodate up to 70 seated or 120 standing and is located above the main dining room. The Cut Bar & Grill offers lunch from Monday to Friday and dinner all throughout the week.

If you need help with event production, audio visual, guest speakers, gala dinners, conferences, corporate functions, or sales seminars, let Veritas manage your event and we'll take the pain and add the gain. If you are planning a corporate event contact Kieran Kennedy of Veritas on 0402 245 010 or

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Planning your event: Using CAD

A picture is worth a thousand words, and nothing could be truer when planning your event with your event management company. With so many stakeholders involved with any given corporate event, it is essential to ensure everyone is on the same page and the best way to do this is to create visualisations of some form.

There are various methods to do this and often a combination is the best way to clearly illustrate what your plan and intensions are. From stock standard venue 2D floor plans, right thought to a 3D animated fly through, each serves a purpose and has its place in the production process. Everyone involved in the event planning process has their own priorities when it come to visuals, venues like to see how many tables/chairs they can fit in – 2D works well for this. Our end clients want to see options on a variety of themes – traditional sketched illustrations and a 3D drawing are an ideal way to provide this solution, while event producers & conference management teams need to know precisely what the keynote or exhibition will look like and how it will be laid out – 2D plans and full 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) illustrations are key to ensuring this portion of the event will meet everyone’s expectations.

The benefits of engaging a CAD designer to draw up elements of your event are huge and will often save your money in the long run. We can illustrate the impact to our stakeholders, of exactly how an opening video will look from any seat in the room, ensuring that their investment in a custom shot opening video by your corporate video production team pays dividends. Through the benefits of using CAD, we can look at sight lines in the room which will help determine set design elements and screen sizes, as well as helping ensure everyone in your corporate events team recognises the reasoning behind certain decisions on production elements for your event.

Conference management is wide and varied, with so many ideas on any one project in circulation at any one time. Take this notion and include many individual interpretations of a single thought and it can often be tricky trying to get all people involved on the same page. The solution can be as simple as a picture.

If you are interested in knowing more about how you can make effective use of CAD on your next event, call our Veritas Production team today and allow us to make your next special event one to remember! If you are planning a corporate event, conference or incentive contact Kieran Kennedy of Veritas on

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Florence is a wonderful destination, perfect for your next incentive group. There are many fantastic hotels available for incentive groups in Florence. Some of those include the Hotel Regency, the Santa Maria Novella Hotel or the Firenze Number Nine Hotel & Spa.

Incentive groups looking for a hotel to take their breath away should try the Villa San Michele. Overlooking the historic city of Florence the The Villa San Michele is on a nestled hilltop in Fiesole with spectacular views. Delegates will be inspired by the history of Florence including the Santa Maria Novella Church, the Uffizi Gallery, the Duomo, Florence’s Cathedral and the Accademia Gallery. For those wanting to relax and unwind why not enjoy an espresso in the Piazza Signoria and watch Florence walk by?

When it comes to conference and meeting destinations and facilities, we are always excited to find out about new and/or refurbished venues. For any information about your next conference, incentive program, product launch or board meeting here or further abroad, do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact Kieran on or call on 02 8908 5600

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